Singing like a caged bird

Monday, October 20, 2003

As I dip my toe into this pool of potentially toxic stew, my INFP is doing the tango in my guts. But the excitement of breaking out of my self constructed box, cage, caccoon, eutopia, hell, playroom, stage, pushing me deeper into this new world. My finger is looking to find the delete key, but my mind keeps saying...... "go for the gusto!" Ok, in to at least my ankle tops.

Last saturday attended reading and book signing of Tom O'Brien at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Vermont. Wasn't sure what to expect. What a gifted speaker, as well as writer. His reading from July, July had me enraptured, waiting for more, amazed at his gift of words. And the question and answer was just as entertaining. Part of this was because of the insightful and probing questions from the audience. The answers were detailed and articulated with a careful cadence and art of a master word crafter. The Northshire is a wonderful place, bringing great contemporary authors to a small audience in an intimate setting....just like the town meetings of Vermont. Thank goodness for Vermont and the cagy, old yankees who have inspired many of the the newcomers from "away". Maybe some of this spirit is what is driving a new generation to respond to Vermonts' Dean?

Thanks has to go out to Dervala for getting me this far. And Christiane too for encouraging me, yet warning me of its addictive nature. And to MO who is doing wonders for a free press in a far-off land, but must remain hidden for good reasons. Note to self = I must remember to not get so link happy. Well here is another one, inspiration also came from the new sight of Halley and her affiliation with bloggercon.

The USA Eagles defeated the New Zealand All-Blacks in a david and goliath remake.

Did you catch the "Paul McCartney in Red Square" Broadcast? Did it give you goose bumps...about how the world is so fundamentally changed, yet how it is still the same? How does one record music on an x-ray negative? Is the resourcefullness of the soviet people, coping with the stifling planned economy, as honed/effective as the creativity of unfettered capitalism and market economy which is so ballyhooed in the west?

And a question of all you fellow memebers of Red Sox Nation, especially those also dwelling in Pataki's kingdom, do you feel as proud as I, that our favorite team, and the Cubbies, energized so many people to the excitement that baseball can generate and tie generations of fans together? As all true Bosox fans know how to say and truly believe....."Wait till next year!!!!"


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