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Monday, October 20, 2003


Last week, I listened to Anne Garrels speak over in Manchester, Vermont sponsored by the Northshire Bookstore. She was doing a book tour thing for her new book, "Naked in Baghdad"and was in tiny Manchester, I think because her college roommate works/manages "The Vermont Country Store". It was interesting to learn that it was only her Vermont friend that was giving her resonance on how her dispatches were playing back in America on NPR. Gee, it seems little old Vermont is having an inordinate influence on the rest of the country lately.

I came away from the presentation appreciating more and more the importance of freedom of the press. And how much is owed to the many journalists who put themselves in difficult and dangerous positions to help preserve this precious part of our democracy. The importance should be recognized now, so we never have to say....."don't know what we got till it is gone". During her talk, Ms. Garrels, compared the Iraqi's feelings about Saddam and his aftermath to the feelings of the Russian people about Stalin and his aftermath upon his death. Sort of a love-hate thing...with a longing for stability of a tyrant and fear of what comes next vs. a loathing of the police state and the atrocities he placed on them.


Bill Moyers program on PBS continues to amaze me.....finally, a programs of intellectual honesty that speaks to my ideals of government. The latest episode boosting my morale was the one with Samantha Powers
Can you believe it.... Irish, human rights journalist and a Red Sox fan.


Do you have a favorite folkloric method for predicting seasonal climatic conditions? Is it strange to be infatuated with weather?


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