Singing like a caged bird

Friday, October 24, 2003


Listen! the wind is rising,

and the air is wild with leaves,

We have had our summer evenings,

now for October eves

-Humbert Wolfe


What is your battle cry? Hey check this out...go to
a Scandinavian
site.  This generated my battle cry as:

Zang! Who is that, rampaging across the icy wasteland! It is Bert, hands clutching a vorpal blade! He howls gutterally:

"I'm seriously going to beat you
until you have puppies!!!"

I would be interested in what this generates for any of you readers out there, if there are any?


The inane robot on "Lost in Space would be going--"Danger, Danger, Solar Storm Approaching".......Holy Cow Batman......we are getting bombarded by a solar blast!!!!! Where will the coronal mass ejection (CME) hit and when? Dang, that almost sounds pornographic. Check out the aurora gallery on that page. Any of you in the northern latitudes be on the lookout for some possibly fantastic light shows. Report any sightings here please!!!!!


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