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Wednesday, October 29, 2003



The local election for Saratoga Springs city government is turning into a hotly contested, close, who-knows-what-will-happen-affair.  Highly unusual for this locale.  Most elections are ho-hum with everyone knowing the outcome by the end of the Summer Racing season.  The major issues are:

  • what kind of expansion for our water system (if at all), 

  • whether it was wise to opt out of the
    county sales tax scheme to conduct our own city sales tax and

  • a continuation of the development vs.
    preserving open space controversy.  

Well I come squarely down on the side of no county run water system tapping the Hudson river, lets keep control of our own sales tax and of course how about continuing our "smart growth".  I still enjoy being able to walk downtown to all the things  I need in the town.   And yet having the rural countryside just a short walk in the opposite direction.  Being able to enjoy forested glades, lonely wetlands, and all kinds of peace and solitude only  interrupted by the critters chattering away and an occasional 2 legged critter ambling along.


Been there...done that....The Bush
administration is continuing its policy of "Iraquification".  Unfortunately, it is not because it will work , but rather because the two alternatives are impossible.  The rest of the world is sitting on its hands and withholding their troops since they do not like the idiotic, arrogant treatment they have been getting from this west Texas deputy sheriff type.  And we do not have enough troops, (or is it political will to send more boys over who will come back in body bags or otherwise scarred for life).  Rumsfeld's solution is "to stay the course...only faster".  this reminds me of Werner Von Braun's definition of a "crash program" during the race for space days... "Get nine women pregnant in hopes of getting one baby in one month".
  Is it just me or is this the best time to invoke Yogi's famous saying..."it's like deja vu all over again". Does this remind you of the other quagmire of times not too distant?

Well we have a beauty of an excess of
unfettered capitalism trial going on.  It's the "Tyco Toga Party" trial.  Seems as if the CEO, L. Dennis Kozlowski,  and CFO, Mark H. Swartz, of Tyco were having quite the bash on the isle of Sardinia while looting their corporation.  Complete with bikini clad maidens, Hercules type male models, an ice sculpture of Michelangelo's David pissing cold vodka,  and of all thing Jimmy Buffet doing a live cover of  Van Morrison's "Brown
Eyed Girl
" and Karen M. Kozlowski's birthday cake in the shape of a reclining nude woman.  Maybe MasterCard can make this into a great TV spot....Hercules and shapely bikini's....$10,000..... shapely cakes.....$2,000.....Jimmy Buffet live....$250,000.......a pissing Michelangelo......Priceless.

To me the worst part is having Buffet covering Van Morrison....maybe Van has more integrity.  Take a sample listen to bring you back to those years and events that seem to be coming 'round again.


Forty years and 3 days have passed since our president spoke at Amherst College.  Do these words ring as true to your ears as much as to mine?  Can you imagine our current Commander In Chief uttering such words?  So much has changed in the world, so much that it has come round the circle.  These words from that day are sadly haunting me today: "And I look forward to an America which commands respect throughout the world not only for its strength but for its civilization as well"---JFK


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