Singing like a caged bird

Wednesday, December 31, 2003


I got the word from the cardiologists, the chest crackers will have my thorax to carve on. Will be meeting with the ace of the capital district to see if he wants to do an excellent job. Funny, my cardiologist who I have great faith in tells me that the chest crackers don't always do what the cardio guys tell them to. He says the reason is that they couldn't be bothered in doing the hard procedures sometimes. He is having me consult with the ace chest cracker on Friday. Cardio guy claims he will not bullshit me as much as he will bullshit the cardio. Also, the ace is less of a bullshitter than others around here. If I do not have confidence in the ace, then I will wing out to the Cleveland clinic to let them have a go at my thorax. They are the aces of the aces in the use of arterial graphs which is the big thing for me....according to my cardio. Nerves have not set in yet.


Dean supporters did it...set the
for contributions in a single quarter for democrats. I did my part...sent in a contribution thru Halley of comment fame.


The new year is dawning all over the world today. According to my friend Chris , "Tomorrow a new year according to some. In a few weeks, another new one for the Chinese and a few weeks after that, Tsagaan Sar, a new Mongol year.


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