Singing like a caged bird

Monday, December 22, 2003


Yesterday, I was out doing a little snowshoeing.  Just a little as my stamina is still not back to normal and did not want to get too deep into the woods alone.

The snow was beautiful despite the small amount of rain we had on the top of the last big snow storm.  I was up in one of my favorite haunts within the blue line of the Adirondack Park, not far from Lake Desolation.  The sky was a great shade of blue, not bright blue but one that looked like it had been bleached out by a full cycle of sun.  A very faded pair of jeans blue.  There were a few  clouds running in long streaks and way up high.  But mostly the blue dominated.  And some strange wispy clouds....not really herringbone stripes but maybe like a ghostly herringbone pattern, something that Jacob Marley might be wearing.  On the snow I saw lots of snowshoe hare tracks and the prints of a stalking coyote.  There was an express highway of tracks used by a large herd of deer.  But did not see any creatures except the birds...the chickadees are so inquisitive.  Hated to leave the peace and solitude of the snow covered forest, but the day was wearing rather short as it is the solstice.

After warming a bit in the car, I slowly drove toward town still enjoying the trees in their winter white.  At a favorite outlook I stopped to watch the sun slowly drop into the glorious colors of if sunset  The strange clouds turned on there brightest colors, as if to say "it's a Druid holiday....let's get a jump on celebrating".  The pinks and purples where almost unnatural looking in their iridescence.  I lingered to catch the last rays of light.


Trouble in Santa Land.....Elves laid off.. I don't what is the worst aspect of this story.....the elves unemployed just before Christmas, the supersonic jetport near the arctic circle or the hordes of tourists overrunning the last great wilderness of Europe.

To the tunes of Bob Marley.....Get Up, Meet Up.....Stand Up for your rights!!!! Who thinks Dean should adopt this for theme song?

Thanks to Cookie Monster for this link to another unintended consequence of the new world order and globalization, hey maybe we can outsource Dubya..


Today is the birthday of Disraeli who tried to contain Russia and the birthday of Stalin, the evil incarnate who tried to contain the whole world not just Russia. What does that congruence say about the validity of astrology?

Feeling soul-less, kind of empty inside? Find out
which inanimate object are you?
My results.......glue;

Or better yet...contemplate these words to find a true meaning for this time of year. The symbols are as true today as they were last year and perhaps for eons.


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