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Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Heard this Longfellow Sonnet the other morning....I like it , I should recite as the gas passer does his deed on the 19th, and I sink and fade be revived as the ideal on the morrow.

Into the darkness and the hush of night
Slowly the landscape sinks, and fades away,
And with it fade the phantoms of the day,
The ghosts of men and things, that haunt the light,
The crowd, the clamor, the pursuit, the flight,
The unprofitable splendor and display,
The agitations, and the cares that prey
Upon our hearts, all vanish out of sight.
The better life begins; the world no more
Molests us; all its records we erase
From the dull common-place book of our lives,
That like a palimpsest is written o'er
With trivial incidents of time and place,
And lo! the ideal, hidden beneath, revives

ok, another new word....Main Entry: pa·limp·sest
Pronunciation: 'pa-l&m(p)-"sest, p&-'lim(p)-
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin palimpsestus, from Greek palimpsEstos scraped again, from palin + psEn to rub, scrape; akin to Sanskrit psAti, babhasti he chews
Date: 1825
1 : writing material (as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times after earlier writing has been erased
2 : something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface for this goes to Merriam-Websters Online.
And I should have known this....the Lead character in "Baudolino" by Umberto Eco uses this technique to rewrite history of Frederick Barberossa....sort of like Bush's gang and the war for oil...opps "Iraqi Freedom".


Lord of The Right Wing....Need I say more?


Thank you, Thank you , Thank you Paul O' his Bio on the U.S. Department of the Treasury website. I should have known that he began his career as a civil servant. He has just paid the american public a tremendous service and it will cost him dearly..."The Price of Loyalty"...But the coin of integrity that he will reap makes him a very rich man indeed.


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