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Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Today was the first day of our annual spring Even Start family literacy conference. Our keynote speaker was Regi Carpenter, storyteller extrordinaire. You can listen to some of her wonderful stories. Her performance is better in person of course, with her theatrical presentation, but the stories are great just via the ear. Her adult stories, such as, "Hidden Treasures" are filled with meaning and a haunting voice. In the Hidden Treasures, the gold coin teaches us the fallacy of thinking if we do not see something, then we think we do not have something. And her kids stories are fun for kids of all ages, even us jaded big kids.

Besides her wonderful stories, Regi talked about how she became a storyteller. First she started telling stories to her kids in the bath. Then after seeing a professional storyteller, she delved into storytelling and failed miserably. Now this is where I saw the connection to blogs and how really blogs are the written version of the oral storyteller. Regi practiced and practiced words....and practiced and practiced sentences...and was fired. What she discovered missing in her stories was Heart. That stories are not about what we are, but rather who we are. And the aspect that has kicked me back into posting here....if you can listen, then you can tell stories.

Regi points out that the simplest activities of life can be a story in themselves. Think about and observe for example, how different people greet others and say hello. Now think about how animals greet and say hello...particularly dogs. She turned that into a story that would split your sides and had a George Carlinesque quality about it. Her first play, written at age nine, was about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Storytelling is about listening. My favorite sandwich as a kid was peanut butter and banana oozing with honey. What was your favorite sandwich, I'd love to listen to that micro story!


Read about another example of the Bush administration's foreign policy. Or a little more graphic explanation. And what did Rumsfeld do and say? Well, the unvarnished _ _ _ _ _ you fill inthe blank.

Now for the Caged Bird pop quiz....the above example best illustrates which of the following concepts? Sing out if you got a clue!!!!!

A. Hypocrisy

B. Short sightedness

C. Inconsistency with regime changes in other countries like Haiti and Iraq

D. Secret Closed door backroom deals

E. All of the above


Hopefully, the diabolical Diebold fiends will be terminated.


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