Singing like a caged bird

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Please join a worldwide minute of silence at 12 p.m. local time in every country around the world on April 7 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide


On a Sunday of a perfectly clear, blue sky I packed up the digital camera and hopped on the bike for a four hour tour of the Sartoga Spa State Park. The woods and lawns and paths and roads were filled with people, families, roller bladers, walkers, joggers, moms pushing toddlers carriages, dogs, motorcyclists and bikers. Even saw a Donald Trump wannabe puffing on a big fat cubano stoogie and a bimbo on the arm. Others included strolling lovers, whining brats learning to ride bikes, skate boarders, picnicers, frisbee artists, sunbathers and oh yes...photographers. The weather was perfect, and the surroundings of Spa Park were exceptional. Took pics of snow, grass, trees, litter ,signs, earthmovers, tables, buoys, waves, geysers, brooks, swamps, baskets, spring fountains, arches and a memorial. I came across near the end of my journey a little deciduous tree, decorated somewhere between Christmas and Easter. All sorts of, bows, stars...and a card. The plasitc laminated card read:


Death is but one step

In a continuous journey.

Our last day does not bring an end,

Only a change.

His love connects us

His spirit Protects us

His memory inspires us

Always Remember……

Louis F. Aversano, Jr.

February 14, 1943-

September 11,2001



Well the meteorological folks didn' like my suggestion of Dubya for the first South Atlantic Hurricane. The Brazilians opted for Catarina. Dubya probably thinks it is a secret al queda weapon of mass destruction rather than the global warming that he does not believe in.


Letter Fromm America....Today Alistair Cooke passed away. For the last decade of my mom's life she was highly entertained by his hosting of "Masterpeice Theater". She especially enjoyed the series of "Upstairs, Downstairs". Perhaps because her grandmother was an Irish cutlery maid working for Boston bluebloods. Just hearing the theme of the series, "Rondeau from Symphonies & Fanfares For The King's Supper" by J. J. Mouret, brings warm memories flooding back.


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