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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Visited a little memorial for the Estonia ferry sinking victims. It is on a wind swept spit of land jutting into the Baltic called Tahkuna. It is the closest land of Estonia to the site of the disaster. Many hundreds were lost on Sept 28, 1994. It really hits you when you realize how many were just little kids asleep on the night crossing. The memorial has a bell with a haunting tone to it and on the bell face are faces of little brought tears to my eyes...does now just writing about it. The island people of Hiiumaa speak of many spirits who inhabit the woods and boulders and earth of their homeland. I am sure they are correct, I felt a peacefulness there and the presence of something which I can not name. Especially at this memorial which was designed by sculptor Mati Karmin.

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Later I found out that Mati Karmin was the sculptor of the kissing students in the town square of Tartu, the university city of Estonia.

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I never felt threatened or in danger while traveling in Estonia. In Tallinn there are signs warning of purse snatchers in the old town. Locals claim that you should be cautious and try not to be too obvious as tourists. They also state that most of the victims are the drunken Finns who are such easy prey. The Finns apparently cannot resist the cheap Saku beer.

Also anything that is poor quality or something that goes wrong is always blamed on the "Soviet times". An example is the Russian Orthodox Church on has been left to further ruin while the Lutheran Churchs are being restored.

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