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Thursday, July 01, 2004


The Island of Hiiumaa has many sights to share in photos but what cannot be captured through the lens is the feelings of peace and tranquilty. The sense of time on a geological scale seems to slow everything down and change ones perspective on life. Maybe it is the isolation of the island, 22 km from the mainland. Also this is some of the newest real estate on earth. The island is slowly rising out of the Baltic sea at the rate of 3 mm per year. It first emerged only 8,500 years ago. Just a mere blink of an eye in geologic time. Also, maybe it is the comparison of its present state with its often violent history as conquering tribes...Swedes, Germans, Russians...came marauding from either the east or the west. Or perhaps it is some of the willife that abounds...Elks, red deer, roe deer and wild boars live in the forests. I often found tracks of some type of deer on the sandy beaches.

Beach tracks Posted by Hello

There are also foxes, lynxes, martens, and lots of birds including the almost ubiquitous Swan.

Swans on Blue Posted by Hello


One day I spent touring around the tiny, tiny port of Suuresadama. There were hardly any souls around. But I wandered with my camera taking in the views and the interesting colors and strange shapes of a fishing port. I kept repeating to myself that I had never seen so many shades of blue and the ocean was so blue. The locals were quite perplexed trying to figure out what color the oceans off our American shores are. I think Blue is to Scandinavia as Green is to Ireland. You can hear about it , but until you see really are not aware of its magnificence.

Atop Kopu Light Sea and Sky Blue Posted by Hello

Steeple Blue Posted by Hello

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Myriad Baltic Blues Posted by Hello

Glass Blue Posted by Hello

Port Door Blue Posted by Hello

Parnu Strand Gray Blue Posted by Hello

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lonely fisherman Tallinn Posted by Hello

Tallinn Old Town  Posted by Hello

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Estonian flag blue Posted by Hello

Old homestead door blue Posted by Hello

Blue door summer house Posted by Hello

What makes Suuresadama a little different is that the port was right next to a Soviet Red Army Base, for obvious reasons.(see photos of watch tower etc in previous post) The entire area was closed to the populace for 50 years. Even the little nearby beach was closed. Families would have to ask permission to go swimming, and it was not often granted.

Rabbitts and Rocks...The Estonian word for what we call "whitecaps" translates as Rabbitts. Posted by Hello

The sand was raked every afternoon and in the mornings to inspect for footprints to see if anyone had attempted to leave through this part of the Iron Cutain. It is not far by boat to Finland and Sweden. The lasting effect was to virtually destroy the fishing and shipbuilding industries (and job opportunities) here. 10 years later they have barely begun to revive.

Ship Dock Blue Posted by Hello

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Dry Dock...Blue Cylinders Posted by Hello

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To the west of Tallinn is a beautiful park surrounding the Keil Joa river and falls. The river is large by Estonian standards but a mere creek to americans. The falls are part of an interesting geological formation, an escarpment that rises out of the Baltic and runs along the northern coast of Estonia all the way to the Russian border.

Keila Joa Falls Posted by Hello

There is a chain footbridge over the river. Lovers come here to seal their relationships for eternity. They put a lock on the chain links and and then throw the key into the falls. Sort of the opposite of the divorcing partners throwing their wedding rings off the bridge into the roaring Truckee river in Reno.

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