Singing like a caged bird

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Every Once in a while you stumble onto a scene that strikes you as one of those moments which delineate a season change. Today's lunchtime walk at the Empire State Plaza was one of those moments. Just ten days ago I was spending a balmy Halloween evening on a sidewalk cafe in South Beach. For sure, the latitude change contributed to the stark change, but the moment caught my attention nonetheless!

The wind was brisk and had a cold bite to it. I had my winter hat and gloves on since the pets' water vessels were all iced over this morning. The wind rattled the few brown and brittle leaves left in the plaza maple trees. The same wind that bit and rattled, formed into little dancing, swirling dervishes of fallen leaves on the cobble stone drives.

Beyond the empty reflecting pools and not yet open ice rink, the season of winter was proclaimed as I glanced up at the Offical New York State Christmas tree. It was naked of its ornaments and I thought rather regal in its natural state. A bit shorter than I remember from past years, perhaps another marker of acid rain or just being an adult child? Also, not sure how I feel about this...but the erecting workers were a prison work release crew. Wonder if it makes them feel good to be putting up a Christmas tree...or does it remind them of family at home for the holidays. Maybe it brings back bad memories of Christmas' past.

I know it is not official winter yet...but now it feels like it....and the ground is now frozen each morning.


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