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Friday, February 11, 2005


Saturday, February 5th, was the annual chowderfest in Saratoga Springs. Area restaurants compete for being named the best chowder of the year. All funds raised go to charity. This year the weather was an unusually warm day with a bright sunny sky. This weather brought out a big crowd of people to sample the "chowdah" as the real New Englanders would say.

chowderfest crowd

The different chowders contained all sorts of great seafood...

tavern menu.jpg

The fest goers came in all sorts..some with hats

chowdah hat taster.jpg

Some as couples,

couple tasters.jpg

Some as Crustaceans????

crustaceans II

Others were there just to lend a hand ladling out the manna.

ladle hands

Good times and laughs were abundant.

thru a parting glass.jpg

It was like a barrel full of monkeys, or at least one monkey busker.

monkey busking II.jpg

There was a report that Uncle Fidel had stopped by in his fatigues and ever present stoggie.

chowdah stoggie.jpg

In the end the sanitation crew must have been a little overwhelmed and the environmentalists down-hearted at the styrofoam headed to the landfill.

chowderfest pollution

And Brindisi's Restaurant continued the battle with Gaffney's...wresting the title back and being named Best Chowder of Saratoga Springs!


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